Still Mill Duty

Still Mill Duty

Elevating Performance and Reliability in Demanding Industrial Environments.

Still Mill Duty

he Steel Mill Duty Hoist or SMD is a high-speed product that offers high, true vertical lift and is great for heavy-duty application. These are highly customisable and offer an SWL up to 90T with height of lift up to 175m. These products can also help you increase the production capacity of your factory via its optimised design and overall dimensions.


  • Highest SWL and height of lift range offered by Indef.
  • Ideal for demanding work.
  • A very low maintenance product thanks to its low propensity for wear and tear.
  • Geared motor and drum splined arrangement ensure lower downtime.


  • SWL ranges from 5T to 90T and offers a height of lift up to 175m.
  • Heavy-duty construction coupled with a robust, modular design.
  • LH/RH (4/2 falls) grooves on the drum.
  • Twin drum option available.
  • High speed and high lift options available


  • Highly efficient geared drive system translates to 20% longer service life.
  • Low noise, low maintenance, compact and highly customisable product.
  • True vertical lift prevents rope twisting.
  • Easily accessible gearbox, motor, drum, brake and panel unit.

Capacity Range 5Ton to 60 Ton
Lifts 20 mtr to 150 mtr
Mountings Fixed suspension Trolley suspension
Types Standard Short headroom Twin hook Double drum