Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist GC

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Electric Chain Hoist GC

Coupled with high-end technical features and a rugged, compact Italian product design, the GC is one of our more premium electric chain hoist offerings. Designed over two decades, this product is built to resist heavy use and last moderate to heavy operation time with minimum maintenance.

The product line for this offers a lot of flexibility with capacities ranging from 0.25T to 2T with a height of lift up to 32m.


  • Ideal for heavy duty application
  • Higher motor CDF and starts per hour
  • With a standard pole changing motor supplied, this is suitable for use in safe areas
  • Alloy steel galvanised load chain conforms to DIN standards and is made longevity
  • Comes with a built-in powerful cylindrical DC brake for a moderate number of start-stops and braking action capacity of 0.25T to 2T
  • Overloading can be detected electrically
  • Mechanical sleeping clutch used to detect overload and provide safety for the operator
  • Input power ranges from 380V to 415V, suitable for international use


  • Supports a SWL capacity of 0.25T to 2T.
  • Tested for SWL 25% overload condition.
  • Aluminium alloy motor stator provides better heat dissipation.
  • Duty factor: 60% (40/20), 240 starts/hour.
  • Eye Bolt and Swivel Top suspension to minimise installation time.
  • Low wear brakes.
  • 1/1 reeving for loads up to 2T reduces chain wear.
  • Comes with factory installed DC high torque asbestos free brake discs.
  • Robust cylindrical-rotor motor with fan.
  • Special 2TY control cable with built-in strain relief.


  • Compact and optimised design adds to structural benefits and allows maximum hook approach
  • Built to last, robust hoist with smooth, noiseless operation
  • Offers complete flexibility for installation
  • Precise load handling and smooth start-stops
  • Slipping clutch in front of brake for maximum safety
  • Compact controls with ergonomic control pendant and emergency stop
  • Rust-protected, superior aesthetics

Capacity Range 250 Kg to 2000 kg
Lifts 3 mtrs to 12 mtrs
Mountings Eyebolt Suspension Hook Suspension Trolley Suspension
Falls Single Fall Double fall