Elevating Heavy-Duty Lifting to Unmatched Precision and Efficiency.

Double Girder EOT Crane


Heavy Duty DG (double grider) EOT Crane are considered ideal for lifting and conveying loads of more than 10T and for a span of over 25m. The promoters of Sinoko Cranes have experience of designing cranes up to 500 MT capacity.

DG EOT Cranes offered by us are known for their high performance, excellent heavy load lifting capability, and wide spans.

DG EOT Crane can be divided into different types. Each has its own unique features and advantages, choose the plant that is right for you. No matter which type of crane you choose, our company guarantees that all cranes have maximum rigidity and minimum dead weight.

SWL(t) 5t-150ton
HOL(m) Max.160m
Work Duty M3-M8