Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist HC+

Elevate Efficiency and Safety with the Precision of Electric Chain Hoists.

Electric Chain Hoist HC+

he HC+ is Indef’s answer to a new-gen solution for medium duty application requirements. With its tough built and robust Italian design, the HC+ is a low maintenance machine, built to resist heavy use and last a moderate operation time.

The HC+ range provides maximum durability and comes equipped with load-bearing capacity for use in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty application. The hoist’s capacity ranges from 0.25T to 5T and offers a maximum height of lift of 40 meters.


  • Compact Design
  • Higher CDF and start-stops per hour
  • Gearbox is housed in an aluminium alloy body and internal
    gears are made of carburised hardened steel alloy and greased for low noise
  • Grip-friendly cylindrically shaped lower hook with thrust bearing
  • Standard four stage gear cam limit switch
  • Surface hardened blackodized and corrosion free strong load chain
  • Equipped with powerful AC brake with high braking torque
    for fail-safe operations


  • Supports a range of 0.25T to 5T.
  • Tested for SWL 25% overload condition.
  • Rugged Italian design.
  • Gravity dye cast gearbox body and case.
  • Precision machine cut case, hardened steel alloy gears and load
    chain wheel
  • Geared rotary limit switch and overload slipping clutch.
  • Easily adjustable upper and lower hook positions.
  • Imported Grade 80 surface hardened load chain.
  • Single speed/dual speed robust brake motor.


  • Suitable for varied application
  • Assured safety and reliability
  • Improved performance and reduced dead weight
  • Long life and smooth, low noise operation
  • Travel limits to prevent overloading
  • Protection against overloading
  • Aesthetically superior and rust-free
  • Wear resistant for a longer chain life

Capacity Range 250 kgs to 5000 kgs
Lifts 3 mtrs to 20 mtrs
Mountings Hook Suspension Trolley suspension
Falls Single Fall Double fall