R Block

R Block

Engineered Precision for Enhanced Stability and Safety Across Industries.

R Block

Our R Series is India’s top indigenously developed, 360-degree Chain Pulley Block that provides you with the flexibility to operate the hand chain from any angle. These triple spur gear machines are ideal for medium-duty application while their robust build with an optimal operating pull facilitates ease of operation and high efficiency.


  • Allows 360-degree Hand Chain rotation.
  • Offers SWL up to 20T and a Height of Lift up to 40m.
  • A Made in India product.


  • CE and ISI Certified product.
  • Comes with double chain guide rollers.
  • Grade 80 load chain for increased strength and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Self-sustaining, maintenance-free friction brake.
  • Finish cover is coated with anti-corrosion powder.
  • Zinc plated parts.


  • Apply manual effort from any angle.
  • Assured quality and reliability.
  • Longer chain life and overall work life of the product.
  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • Safe and easy to use product with minimal maintenance.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 20 Ton
Falls 1 Fall to 8 Falls
Mountings Fix Suspension Hook Suspension Trolley Suspension