JIB Crane

JIB Crane

Precision and Versatility for Efficient Material Handling in Compact Spaces.

JIB Crane

It is used where the customer faces space limitation in execution of their work like movement & rolling of material in angular motion. The angular motion varies from 0 to 360 degree which gives the customer good flexibility in operating.

These Jib Cranes come with single as well as dual-disc electromagnetic DC brakes that features automatic braking when the power fails. This type of JIB cranes are generally used for light or medium duty jobs. These JIB cranes are made as per BIS numbers 3938, 807 & 3177.

We Provide two types of JIB Crane -

  • Wall Mounting Type
  • Free Standing Type

Wall Mounting Type

Wall or Column mounted Jib Cranes are best suited for application where swivel motion is required for execution of work. These cranes are mounted on column made from steel and have swivel motion of upto 170 degree. Special design is also available for mounting the Jib crane on RCC columns.

Pillar Mounting Type(Pillar Mounting)

Pillar mounted (Free Standing) Jib Cranes are best suited for application where in there is no proper beam support/RCC support for taking load of the crane.They can be installed both indoor as well as outdoor.