Stier RLH

Stier RLH

Elevating Efficiency and Precision in Diverse Industrial Operations with Exceptional Reliability and Durability.

Stier RLH

The STIER Ratchet Lever Hoist takes the best of German technology to provide you great quality, and longevity through its robust design. Its perfectly designed housing gear, reinforced frame and safe automatic brakes are just some of the features that help save weight thereby improving handling.

It is available with capacities ranging from 0.75T to 9T.


  • Allows easy free chaining and with selector level set at the
    middle position, pulling the load chain and hook becomes effortless.
  • High safety factor for the load chain.
  • Double guide rollers ensure higher resistance to inclined loading.


  • Capacity ranges from 0.75T to 9T.
  • Robust and compact product.
  • Integrated freewheel chain guide.
  • Galvanized and tempered high tensile load chain according to
    DIN EN 818-7-T.
  • Ergonomic handle, additional screw connection.
  • Non-slip hand wheel.


  • The chain guide leads effectively the load chain into the sprocket
    wheel without any jamming or sticking.
  • The protected hand grip ensures the hand doesn’t slip or you hurt yourself.
  • High operating efficiency and assured reliability.
  • Pleasing aesthetics, rust-free design and long chain life.
  • Being light weigh makes it easier to change the operational set-up in
    terms of handling and installation.

Capacity Range 0.25 Ton to 9 Ton
Falls 1 Fall to 3 Falls
Mountings Fix Suspension Hook Suspension Trolley Suspension