iR Series

iR Series

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iR Series

With an optimized modular design that is compliant with FEM/ISO standards, the iR Wire Rope Hoist is a low noise, long lasting product with a lifetime lubricated gearbox and hardened and ground gears. The product comes with higher motor ratings and can support up to 20T capacity and 24m height of lift. These are best suited for medium to heavy duty application and to increase the production capacity of the factory.


  • Gearbox is coupled directly with the drum and high-quality
    service ensures high efficiency.
  • High-quality, long-lasting motors for economical use with
    a provision for thermocouple and encoder adaptation
    if required by the customer.
  • A bucket is provided for small items like tools and a pallet
    is provided for longer member easy lifting.


  • Complies with FEM/ISO Classification.
  • Compact, modular and flexible design that is economical in use.
  • High performance gearbox with efficient motor.
  • Available with Single and Dual speed options.


  • Better side approaches translate to better use of shed space.
  • Compact, low noise & maintenance, multistage, lube immersed
    gearbox that is directly coupled with the rope drum for high efficiency.
  • Aesthetically appealing product.
  • Adaptable design to meet customer specific requirements for
    components like motors, VFD, brakes, wire-rope etc.
  • Fast-action, electromagnetic disc brakes to enhance safety.
  • Aesthetically appealing product.
  • Dual Speed with frequency inverter on request allows frequency
    range with 1:10 speed reduction.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 20 Ton
Lifts 6 mtr to 24 mtr
Mountings Trolley Suspension Foot Mounted
Types Standard Short Headroom