HW Series

HW Series

Harnessing Precision and Performance for Industrial Excellence.

HW Series

The HW Wire Rope Hoist comes with an optimized modular design that is compliant with FEM/ISO standards, a lifetime lubricated gearbox and hardened and ground gears and is therefore a low noise, long lasting product.

It comes with higher motor ratings for low running cost and low downtime and can support up to 40T capacity and up to 50m height of lift. This is best suited for medium to heavy duty application and to increase the production capacity of the factory.


  • Gearbox is coupled directly with the drum and high-quality service ensures high efficiency.
  • High-quality, highly rated, long-lasting motors for economical use.
  • Optimised design allows higher approachability on the sides and availability of working space.
  • It is available with gear cam rotary limit switch and the design can be modified for short headroom, SGEOT, and DGEOT cranes if required.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty application and equipped with a factory set electromechanical overload protection device.


  • Comes with a standard SWL range from 1T to 40T and a height of lift up to 50m.
  • It is a low headroom and wide range trolley hoist with a Italian built geared device.
  • Compactly designed planetary gear box.
  • 110V contactor control and hoist, travel drive features IP55 enclosure and insulation class F.
  • High lift, high speed and true lift options available.
  • Twin drum, (4/2) design ready and can be supplied with a twin hook hoist.
  • Thermocouple and encoder adaptation can be provided to match customer requirements.


  • Ensures precise load handling.
  • Highly efficient geared drive system enables a 20% longer service life.
  • Low maintenance, low noise and compact machine.
  • Long-lasting brakes that don’t require regular adjustments.
  • Can be used for higher SWL and for longer operating hours.
  • Easily serviceable.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 40 Ton
Lifts 3 mtr to 42 mtr
Mountings Trolley suspension
Types Standard Short headroom Twin hook Double drum